Colic Awareness Month - Colic Kit Promotion


Australia is widely known as “the big dry continent”, with a climate as diverse as it is extreme. Currently we are staring down a tough, prolonged dry season, with limited pasture & poor hay quality. This is tough on our hip pocket as well as our equine mates’ digestive system.

Horses naturally are all day grazers of pasture, however, driving around the regions, there is not much grass or pasture in sight. Now we are feeding horses hay on the ground and they are foraging in the dirt for food, there is an increased risk of colic due to the ingestion of dirt and sand. Poor quality hay and a poor dental routine will also increase the risk of colic.


The team at Kilmore Equine Clinic have come up with a way you can try to minimise the risk of this happening with a ‘Colic Kit’ 

The kit includes:

  • 1kg of SANDXPELL from TRM- Psyllium Husks are primarily used to assist in the removal of accumulated sand and dirt in the intestinal tract. 1kg= a 7 day course for 1 horse.

  • Electropaste from Ranvet- Electropaste helps in maintaining body fluid balance and Allows optimal performance in all extreme environmental conditions. 

  • A thermometer to record your horse’s temperature.

  • A guide to colic- what to look out for, when to call the vet.

  • 10% discount voucher for a dental from one of our EVDS registered vets

All of this for $57.75!

IF you would like one of these kits or to have a chat about any of the above, please give us a call on 03 5781 0163 or send us an email to

Luke Wells-Smith