Wellness Plans in Horses

In small animal veterinary practice it is becoming more common to hear about wellness plans for our pets. These typically include a yearly health check, dental examination and treatment, vaccinations and preventative medicines. Click here to see a review of a small animal wellness plan

Recently, it has started to become more common in the horse world. Not many horse clinics here in Australia are providing this service on a subscription basis however. So we thought, let’s get your feedback and see if it would be a service you would like. Here’s some basic information

What could a wellness plan look like for your horse?

  • Yearly physical exam which would include; temperature, heart rate and auscultation, respiratory rate and auscultation, gastrointestinal auscultation, eye exam, body condition score (and weight if at the clinic) and basic lameness evaluation and flexion tests

  • Yearly vaccination

  • Worm egg count and advice on which wormer to use

  • Yearly dental

  • 10% discount on after hours fees

We also thought about a performance and geriatric horse plans;

Performance horse plan: could include more thorough lameness evaluation, screening x-rays and discounted preventative joint supplements

Geriatric horse plan: could include complete blood count and biochemistry, yearly Cushings blood test and Cushings medication

All this information would then be contained in a folder for your records. We are still working on the best way to price this out, however our plan is to ensure it provides a significant discount to the owner. There would also be a discount if you signed up more than one horse.

Here a couple of wellness plans for horses in the US. Note the number of vaccinations required in the US to keep a horse - we are very lucky here!

SS Equine Clinic

Buckeye Vet

We are hoping to roll this out in the new year, but it would be great to hear your feedback. Please give us a call or send us an email admin@kilmoreequine.com.au

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